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September 2019

How many years did Leonardo da Vinci spend painting the Mona Lisa's lips?

October 2019

What was Picasso's first word?

November 2019


With which color is the great French painter Yves Klein often associated?




Which Pop artist famously based so much of his art on blown-up comic strips?

January 2020

The Scream, sold in May for nearly $120m, is currently the world’s most expensive painting. But which Norwegian artist created it?

February 2020

Which French Impressionist painter was famous for his studies of ballet, horse racing, and young women working?

   March    2020



Which 17th century artist painted more than 60 self-portraits?

  April   2020


Of what type of artist is Kandinsky generally regarded as the first?

   May    2020



In which Italian town was the artist Leonardo born?

September 2020


Who drew a rhinoceros without ever seeing one?

  June   2020

Which American artist was a pioneer of Abstract Expressionism, and a leading exponent of action painting?

   July    2020



Whose sculptures include The Thinker?

August 2020


Which American painter is famous for capturing the loneliness of city life in the thirties and forties?

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