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So...we are missing the Elementary Art Show so much that

we are having an online Elementary Art Show!!

Your family can be involved by:

1. Take a photo of your child's artwork. It can be from school, from home, from outside or artwork from the online lessons that are offered starting this week.

2. Email your photo to:

Either add your child's first name in the body of the email or in the photo. Only first name please. We will build an online show that will be available all summer.

3. Take Note: whatever is in your photo will be displayed in the online art show. Please crop out what you will not want to share with our community.



Click the image and you can see it bigger and all the details you gave to us.






We are excited that our

Artist in the Classroom Artists 

are sharing their Art for all to see! 

2020 Elementary Online Art Show

This project is supported in part by a grant from the North Dakota Council on the Arts, which receives funding from the state legislature and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Art makes me feel: 

"Calm & Happy because it gives me time to express my feelings and no one can tell me what to make. Art lets me spread my wings and soar. Everything involves art, and I mean anything. I love art. Art inspires me to be !!MYSELF!!"

Elementary school student 

Art makes me feel: "calm so I can focus and concentrate on what i'm doing. It also makes me feel relaxed so I don't have to really think about my art. Last, it also makes me feel creative because I can make what I want and how I want."

Elementary school student 

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